How Should You take TA-65?

NOTE: These guidelines were determined from a ground breaking scientific paper published Sept. 2010 in the peer-reviewed scientific journal Rejuvenation Research, as well as from PK tests conducted by the manufacturers of TA-65.

TA-65 Pricing Breakdown 

90 Capsules - 250 unit





Monthly cost at average dose




2.66 cents/unit

500 units/day - $399

(Best Value)



2.22 cents/unit

500 units/day - $333

30 Capsules - 250 unit





Monthly cost at average dose




2.9 cents

500 Units/day - 435$

30 Capsules - 100 unit





 Monthly cost at average dose




3.33 cents

500 Units/ day - 500$

100 units - starter kit (1 capsule daily)

We do not recommend the 250 Units users to switch to lower doses as the benefits will diminish. We recommend the 250 Units capsules for daily maintenance regimen and cost savings, for best results achieved with doses of 500 to 1000 Units/day (2-4 capsules/day).

The TA-65 100 Units was made for those who would like to use it as a starter kit or for those who could not afford to purchase the larger bottles and would like to try a lower dose. The larger bottles have 250 Units of TA-65, while the TA-65 100 Unit has less of the special telomerase activation ingredient, and thus is less effective.

250 units (1 capsule daily)

Effective for healthy adults in their 40′s or 50′s. The 1/day dosing recommendation is also useful for people who have been taking higher doses of TA-65 for several years and want to continue on maintenance program. From the study, subjects who took this dose were shown to have:

  1. Lengthening of short telomeres
  2. A significantly improved immune system

Anecdotal reports of increased endurance, improved vision and other benefits were also seen after at least 3 months. (Average monthly cost is $200 based on the retail price of a 90 Capsule bottle)

500 units (2 capsules daily)

Recommended for people in their 50s and 60s who are in good health and want to be proactive about longevity and healthy aging. This dose has been proven to:

  1. Lengthen short telomeres
  2. Restore the immune system
  3. Improve other important bio markers of age management

Anecdotal reports included an increase in energy, endurance & stamina, better vision, better sexual function and improved bone density after at least 6 months of use.(Average monthly cost is $400)

1000 units (4 capsules daily)

This dose is for clients who are:

  1. Over 70 years of age
  2. Have had a telomere length test done and discovered their telomeres to be short for their age and gender or
  3. Have had a compromised immune system due to age related decline or for other reasons (Average monthly cost $800)

Are There Any Side Effects Reported From Taking TA-65?

Since TA-65 has been studied and available commercially, there have been no reports from the manufacturer, of side effects or adverse reactions. TA-65 is one of thousands of naturally-occurring molecules found in the Astragalus root. The root has been used in Traditional Chinese Medicine for thousands of years.

TA-65 Quality Standards

TA-65 is manufactured by T.A. Sciences. They guarantee the highest quality from the beginning to the end of the supply chain. From the sourcing of the raw ingredient in China to the development of the finished product in the United States. This commitment to providing the best quality product, entails a rigid analytical testing throughout all phases of supply and production.

The Proprietary Control Process for Isolating and Encapsulating Purified TA-65™

After approximately 3 years of research and development, TA Sciences in conjunction with industry experts in Hong Kong, Canada and the United States have perfected an exclusive method for extracting the naturally-occurring TA-65 molecule from the Astragalus root. T.A. Sciences is the first company to extract the single molecule, TA-65 from the plant. The result is a powder that is more than 90% pure TA-65. It is a potent, Telomerase-Activating molecule*.

Footnote: The Telomerase-Activating potency of TA-65 has been independently proven in rigorous analytical tests by The Geron Corporation, in Menlo Park, CA.

First, the plant material is harvested from selected farms in one small region in China. The plant material is then sent to an exclusive plant extraction facility where the raw astragalus root is chopped up and processed. After the initial extraction, the active ingredient is further purified and then sent to an independent government testing facility where it is examined to ensure purity and to remove any unwanted excipients. This "raw material" extract is then sent to a laboratory in Canada.

According to the company, each shipment has documents showing a verified Certificate of Analysis, ensuring the identity and purity of the raw material. The Canadian laboratory is a modern state-of-the-art FDA certified facility. There the base material is then further processed to yield the TA-65 molecule. After being refined to over 90% purity, each batch is inspected one more time, using a proprietary, patent-protected assay exclusive to TA Sciences.

TA-65 is Formulated and Manufactured in Accordance With Stringent Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP)

From a TA Sciences’ contracted lab in Canada, the TA-65 is sent– again with an authenticated Certificate of Analysis to ensure purity, potency, and quality – to be formulated and produced into capsules by Garden State Nutritionals in the United States. The raw material is blended with USP (United States Pharmacopeia) grade excipients and produced according to GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) for Nutritional Supplements, in Garden State’s state-of-the-art facilities. The GMP practices followed by Garden State are equal to the best practices in the nutritional supplements industry.

Garden State Nutritionals’ Good Manufacturing Practices Certification from the Natural Products Association (formerly the National Nutritional Foods Association) view certificate:

view certificate

USP and GMP, which represent the highest quality standards in the Nutritional Supplements industry.

To learn more, click on the following links:

Quality Assured - Ensuring the Label is 100% Accurate

Improper labeling that can be misleading, is common in the supplement industry. Stories have emerged where claims made on the label were not always consistent with the contents of the bottle. By manufacturing under certified GMP conditions at a Natural Products Association certified facility, the manufacturers of TA-65 have assured clients of the highest level of quality and purity of each TA-65 capsule. What is printed on the label is 100% accurate.

The Geron Corporation has licensed TA Sciences to provide TA-65 as a commercially available nutritional supplement. T.A. Sciences also stated that the telomerase-activating potency of TA-65 has been independently proven in rigid tests performed by Geron and by Sierra Sciences, a biotech company based in Reno NV, which specializes in telomere biology. They have also tested TA-65 using their own specialized methodology and found that TA-65 does in fact activate telomerase*.

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